Water Treatment


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The Department of Public Works & Utilities is responsible for the Town’s water purification
and distribution. Our Utilities Department operates and maintains  the Water Treatment Plant, water mains, reservoir, pumphouses, valves, and fire hydrants.

Our Utility Operators take care of water quality assurance and testing, including;

  • Weekly bacteriological samples collected and tested throughout the town
  • Bi-yearly advanced testing
  • Continuous chlorine residual monitoring
  • Pressure reducing station operation and maintenance
  • Reservoir maintenance
  • Storm drain maintenance


The Town of Grande Cache is presently building a new Water Treatment Plant to allow us to be able to produce water up to Alberta Environment standards.

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Current Water Treatment Plant

New Water Treatment Plant

(6) Duel Media "Pressure” Filters

Direct Filtration – presents high risk of pathogenic contamination fo water system in event of media breakthrough, even with chlorination as some pathogens are highly resistant to chlorination

Upflow Clarifier + Microfiltration

This represents a multi-barrier approach to filtration, much less risk than direct filtration

Disinfectant Chemical

Chlorine gas, high risk to residential area and operators

Disinfectant Chemical

Chlorine liquid, no risk to public with spill contaminate, much less risk to operators

High use of potable water per day for backwashing procedures (nearly 10% equivalent of water produced

Reduced use of potable water in regards to cleaning filters and clarified as a % when compared to water reduced

Increased fire protection
It will be boosting pressures in the commercial zone