Quadding & Snowmobile Trails


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This is a great way to explore the Grande Cache countryside by snowmobile or ATV.  Outside of Willmore Wilderness Park are countless cut-lines, old  exploration and logging roads, all offering a variety of terrain from easy to challenging. Some routes lead into remote areas.  It’s wise to carry basic emergency supplies in case of an accident.  For more information, please visit aep.alberta.ca or albertatrailnet.com.

No motorized vehicles are permitted in Willmore Wilderness Park or Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreational Area, or any of the  provincial campgrounds in the area. 

Many of the trails are unmarked and unmaintained.  There are inherent risks and potential hazards using all trails and any portion of a trail may be unsafe.  Users assume responsibility and risk for use.


Drive south of Grande Cache on Highway 40 for 6 km (3.7 miles.)  Just past Grande Cache lake there is a sign "Carconte Creek” on the right hand side.  Access is on the left onto the north access road.  You can park just off the highway, or if you have a high wheel based vehicle, you can alternatively drive about 100 metres (300 feet) up the right branch to a large clearing.  



Drive south of Grande Cache on Highway 40 for approximately 10 km (6 miles.)  Just before the overpass over the railway lines by Susa Creek settlement, watch for a narrow, dirt road off to the left.  This spot is a blind rise, so exercise extreme caution when turning off the highway.



Drive south of Grande Cache on Highway 40 for 42 km (26 miles.)  Turn left onto Goodwin Road (the old Forestry Trunk Road) and travel 35 km (22 miles) to the Tower, or explore any of the numerous cut-lines which lead in every direction.



Drive south of Grande Cache on Highway 40 for 42 km (26 miles.)  Turn right (approximately opposite Goodwin Road) and travel 5 km (3 miles) to main cut-line, which travels 18 km (11 miles) to the Wilmore Wilderness Park boundary.  Numerous cut-lines intersect along the way leading in every direction.  Due to close proximity, PLEASE BE SURE YOU DO NOT ENTER THE PARK.


This popular route is located 8.1 km north of Grande Cache on Highway 40.  It travels across the coal mine property and main mine road; so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON BEAVERDAM ROAD.  This route offers several choices:


Mt Hamell:  Experienced quaders only. A very steep, narrow trail with many drop off points.  Travelling to the Mount Hamel lookout point is not recommended.

Caw Ridge:  Travel 30 km to the Caw Ridge turn off, on the left.  The old road leads up the mountainside, 8.1 km to the top. Please respect the fragile alpine terrain.

Copton or Porcupine Airstrip:  It is 40 km to the Copton area or 80 km to the Porcupine.  



Drive north of Grande Cache on Highway 40 for approximately 30 km just past Sheep Creek.  This route is accessed from the gravel pit by the highway.  Travel 37 km to the slide area.  It is possible to access Prairie Creek Meadows from here, as well as explore numerous cut-lines leading in all directions.  Due to the close proximity to the mine area, please remain vigilant and stay clear of any possible encroachment on mine territory. 


  • If you are a resident of Alberta, your quad (ATV) and dirt bike are considered vehicles, so must be licensed and registered  (over 50ccs).
  • Grande Cache allows riders to use their vehicles within the town limits, but only to gain access to out-of-town trails. Therefore, the shortest route/distance must be taken, using back lanes and trails on the periphery of the town.
  • The maximum speed limit within town limits is 20 km/hour.
  • NO stopping at gas stations to fuel up your quad or dirt bike.  Instead, use a gas can and then fill up the vehicle at your home or start of route.